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Blue Borrow collects certain personally identifiable information that may be used to provide you with customized services, content, networking opportunities, industry information, and/or advertisements.

Personally identifiable information is collected when you register to receive certain Blue Borrow services, products, or offers. Blue Borrow may also request personally identifiable information when the user elects to participate in other Blue Borrow affiliated or sponsored programs, including, but not limited to, sweepstakes, contests, and/or other such promotions.

Blue Borrow may share the collected personally identifiable information with a sponsor or other third party that may be interested in serving you. Blue Borrow will request and verify your consent before any personally identifiable information is provided to sponsors or third parties. You may also inform Blue Borrow at any time not to share your personally identifiable information with third parties by sending an e-mail message and requesting that your personally identifiable information not be released to third parties. To opt out of SMS notices, reply STOP or Call 844-461-2582

Blue Borrow may use your personally identifiable information to provide you with any of our present and future services. We may also use this information to notify you or contact you concerning any problem with, or the expiration of such services. For this reason, Blue Borrow may find it necessary to disclose your personally identifiable information to one or more Blue Borrow agents and/or contractors and their subcontractors, but such agents, contractors, and subcontractors will be required to agree to use any personally identifiable information obtained from Blue Borrow for only such purposes.

Personally identifiable information also may be disclosed to the proper authorities in special situations where Blue Borrow has reason to believe that doing so is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against anyone damaging, injuring, or interfering (intentionally or unintentionally) with Blue Borrow rights, property, users, or anyone else who may be harmed by such activities.

Blue Borrow may reveal personally identifiable information when we have been informed by law enforcement authorities or have established a good faith belief that the law requires Blue Borrow to do so. Blue Borrow reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time by posting revisions on the Web Site. This privacy policy is not intended to and does not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.

Consumer Verification and Credit Partners

While enrolling for the products and/or services, we will ask you for the following types of information: contact information (such as name, address, phone number, and email address); sensitive information (such as date of birth, driver’s license number and social security number); personal information to verify your identity and financial information (such as credit card number). This information is required to verify your identity, charge you the agreed-upon fees for our products and services, and to fulfill our obligation to provide our products and services to you, including communicating with third parties as necessary to provide such products and services, such as identification verification companies, consumer reporting agencies, payment validation companies, law enforcement agencies or others.

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Disclaimer: The loans presented are not mortgage loans and are neither originated nor funded by Blue Borrow. Blue Borrow is not affiliated with the loan providers offering these loans. All loans are subject to credit approval, and programs, rates, terms, and conditions may change or expire without notice. Additional restrictions may apply. This advertisement is not a loan disclosure, and all disclosures provided after applying should be carefully reviewed. This does not constitute a commitment to provide loan approval or a specific interest rate.


This advertisement is not a loan disclosure and all disclosures provided after applying should be reviewed carefully. This is not a commitment to provide a loan approval or a specific interest rate. Blue Borrow provides research and matching services to individuals interested in obtaining a consumer loan (a loan made to an individual for personal, family, household, or investment purposes). Blue Borrow does not make credit decisions, fund loans, service loans, or offer any other similar loan services. Furthermore, Blue Borrow does not and cannot issue approvals or commitments on any lender’s behalf, in fact, lenders will require additional information from consumers in order to complete their loan application.


Blue Borrow only charges a consulting and advising fee to the consumer, which means the payment of a consulting and advising fee to the Company from the consumer is contingent upon the consumer finding a satisfactory lender from the list generated by Blue Borrow, and the exchange of money between lender and consumer. The consumer makes the ultimate decision on whether to move forward with the application from a specific lender on the list provided by Blue Borrow, or not move forward at all. Blue Borrow does not charge the consumer any money upfront and does not collect any money from the consumer unless the consumer successfully obtains a loan from a lender through the services provided by Blue Borrow.


Personal Loans: Loan amounts vary from $10,000.00 to a maximum of $100,000 and carry a repayment period of 1 to 5 years. Not all lenders are capable of providing loans in the amount of $100,000. Your loan agreement will clearly identify the lender. APR/Interest rates will vary depending on individual lender terms.


*Interest rates will vary and are based on lender terms. Ranges from 5%-35.36%. For example, with a credit grade of A1, you could receive a loan of $10,000 with an interest rate of 5% and a 1.11% origination fee of $111 for an APR of 5.74%. In this example, you will receive $9,889 and make 36 monthly payments of $299.66. Your APR will be determined based on your credit at the time of application. There is no down payment and there is never a prepayment penalty.